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Ihre Experten für XML, XQuery und XML-Datenbanken

About us

Our aim
Optimised publishing workflows are critical for the success of firms working with large volumes of data (e.g. publishing companies). The efficiency of these processes depends crucially on the quality of the data and the structure of the data pool of a firm.

We analyse your data pool and design a structure specifically tailored to the needs of your company. When required, we support you from the conception to the implementation of the results. We can also put you into the position to be able to independently develop the jointly worked out XML solutions further in the future.

Who we are
15 years of experience in the IT industry have shown Mehrschad Zaeri Esfahani that the handling with large data volumes is not only to manage by using the relational method. His passion for solutions with "angle brackets" has led to the formation of the parsQube GmbH out of an initial business idea.

The idea for founding parsQube has its origin in the long-standing friendship between Mehrschad Zaeri Esfahani and Manuel Montero Pineda, the managing director of the data2type GmbH. In 2009, after many conversations regarding the own professional development, the wish took shape to become business partners. As a result of many ideas, the friends created the concept for parsQube which they successfully put into practice since May 2012.

By the way: "pars" is derived from the verb "to parse" and is not only synonymous with parsing (the analysis of the syntax of a formal language). The word "Pars" is also the ancient name for the Iranian province "Fars" and therefore a silent hint to the roots of Mehrschad Zaeri Esfahani who was born in Iran.
"Qube" is another spelling of the word "cube" which is derived from data cube or OLAP cube. The word OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) comes from the data analysis and is a central component of the service offered by our team.

Our path
Since its foundation, the parsQube GmbH builds on the constant expansion of the own know-how. We achieve this by continuing education of all employees and the cooperation with strong partners.