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Hybrid project management

Nowadays there are numerous possibilities to plan and implement a project. Whether by waterfall model, V-model, incremental or iterative, the choice is large, as is the uncertainty about choosing the "right" methodology for your project. Which method provides the most suitable tools for planning, implementation and control can be a basis for decision-making - but sometimes it can also be a compromise. But choosing one method does not necessarily mean deciding against another.

Hybrid project management (hybrid: composed of different things, from two different origins, mixed) enables you to combine different tools from two different project management approaches and thus design your project management in a targeted and project-specific manner.

We offer all trainings and coachings together with our cooperation partner Steinbeis Transferzentrum ITPM. In this way, we can optimally consider the aspects "project management", "leadership" and "change" for our customers.

Who is the workshop for?

Project managers who use and know agile techniques. Project managers for innovative projects, PMO managers, line managers, product managers, innovation managers.


No project management knowledge is required for participation in module 1 and module 2. However, basics in classical or agile project management can help the deeper understanding. Even project management professionals and agile people will learn something new...

Module 3 prepares for the IPMA certification "hybrid+". Requirement is a valid Level D, C, B or A certificate from IPMA.


Module 1: (2 days)

  • Classic project management from profile to completion, building a classic construction kit for hybrid projects
  • Insights into Getting Things Done, Kanban Scrum and Design Thinking for the curious and experts
  • Recognising the mindset of classic and agile companies

Module 2: (2 days)

  • Design and control of hybrid projects
  • Agilisation of classic companies through a hybrid approach
  • Theory and structure of fluid organisations
  • Management 4.0 - leading in a complex world


Module 3: (1 day)

  • Preparation for certification and exam



  • Getting first-hand theoretical background and practical knowledge
  • Learning to understand and distinguish agile frameworks
  • Learning to combine classical and agile methods
  • Gaining experience in the agile mindset and system thinking in order to be able to better deal with complexity in the future.



Module 1 and module 2: each € 1,450.00 plus 19% VAT.

Module 3: € 1,200.00 plus 19% VAT.

Certification: € 290.00 plus 7% VAT.


Module 1: 07/08 May 2020; Module 2: 18/19 May 2020; Module 3: 27 May 2020;

Exam: 27 May 2020

Module 1: 02/03 November 2020; Module 2: 16/17 November 2020; Module 3: 18 November 2020;

Exam: 18 November 2020

Registration: E-mail to kontakt@parsQube.de or by phone: +49-(0)721-402485-12
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