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Ihre Experten für XML, XQuery und XML-Datenbanken


IT, industrial or service sector – XML became an integral part of the technical world and is today used in many different fields.

In the publishing industry, too, XML plays an increasingly important role. Whether cross media publishing or e-books – in the wake of recent developments, media neutrally structured data are a great benefit for publishing companies.

However, XML does not only open an enormous potential to classical service providers, it poses numerous new challenges: What should be taken into account when dealing with XML? Which possibilities offers this technology and where lie its limits?

As experts for XML, XQuery and XML databases, we can give quick and competent answers to such questions. We also create a best fitting solution for your individual requirements and realise it together with you.

XML introduction

Here you can find the detailed introduction to basic concepts of XML.

Helpful links to XML technologies


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