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Verlag Österreich GmbH

online: http://www.verlagoesterreich.at

Verlag Österreich is one of the leading publishers of specialised legal information in Austria and publisher of the official collections, findings and decisions of all three Austrian supreme courts. Since 2008, it has also been part of the publishing group Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, one of the leading providers of academic literature in the German-speaking world, and is based in Vienna's city centre. The publishing programme includes more than 2000 deliverable book titles, more than 20 specialist journals as well as electronic and online offerings.

The publishing house offers content in the following subject areas:

  • Public law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • Corporate law

parsQube was assigned by Verlag Österreich to design the architecture of an application, to implement it and to provide advice on the consistent processing of XML data

  • from the point of import,
  • the validation and verification of the data to
  • the export of the data for the online area

After 6 months of development, the joint project was successfully completed and accepted.

In this project, the experience of parsQube in the areas of

  • requirements analysis
  • project management
  • application development (Java, Schematron and XQuery development based on existdb 2.0)
  • XML know-how and
  • know-how in publishing

have flowed together and ensured its success.