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parsQube GmbH founded

The parsQube GmbH, founded in January 2013, is an expert in the handling of large XML data volumes. The range of services extends from the data analysis to the completed modelling of the data by using a XML database.

On 2 January 2013 the parsQube GmbH has been founded in Karlsruhe. The company offers consulting in the handling of large XML data volumes, analyses of existing data and development services in the XQuery technology and XML databases. When required, these services are supplemented by professional project management, seminars and support.

The parsQube GmbH is closely connected with the partner company data2type GmbH, which has specialised in XML-based publishing processes. The aim of the cooperation is to offer clients the best possible support with regard to XML data processing – from the data storage, quality assurance to the publication.
parsQube cooperates with the XML database providers BaseX and eXist Solutions in order to also achieve client-specific increases in performance.