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The central entity in the data stock of the patients reflects the individual services. The image below shows schematically the structure with the following outlined types of services:

  • Therapy
    A therapy takes place under the guidance of a doctor on a ward in the form of a large number of sessions. Each session consists of a start time and an end time as well as of optionally an amount of articles consumed and a results report.
  • Treatment
    A treatment is a completed service which is carried out by a doctor on a specific date. The information on the ward, i.e. the place of the treatment, on the articles consumed as well as on the result are optional.
  • Surgery
    A surgery is complexly structured and explained in detail in the following.
  • Laboratory test
    A laboratory test is identified via an unique number and based on a series of test objects (of xs:anyType type), whereby optionally a large number of test values – consisting of the designation of the index and the correponding value – is determined. Usually, a laboratory test is carried out on a specific date and generally takes place in a laboratory identified per reference.

As a general point, it should be noted that the individual services of a patient are sorted in a chronological order.

Structuring of different services

Image: Structuring of different services


Source: "XQuery – Grundlagen und fortgeschrittene Methoden", dpunkt-Verlag, Heidelberg (2004)

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